Acupuncture for arthritis

September is National Arthritis Month! Arthritis has become one of the most common chronic diseases, affecting millions of Canadians. The term arthritis is a general term for over a hundred other joint related conditions; however, the disease is often classified into two main types: inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Are you a new mom? Are you feeling stressed, anxious, tired, or sad?

Don’t let stress, anxiety or exhaustion stop you from enjoying your time with your baby. Acupuncture might be an effective treatment option to help naturally get your body back to its normal healthy balance and function and get you back to feeling your happy and energetic self.

Are your kids ready to go back to school?

The new school year is coming at full force but what’s back to school season without the perfect backpack? Backpacks are a helpful accessory every child needs; however, they can really be a pain in the back. Unevenly or improperly distributed weight can lead to poor posture and even distort the spinal column. More than 50% of young people experience lower back pain by their teenage years and research indicates that this could be caused by improper use of backpacks at an early age!

Baby Box Pop Up

(April 14)

Baseball season is around the corner!
Baseball season is around the corner!

Youth participation in baseball is on the rise across Canada. It demands a lot of physical skill to play and can therefore result in injury. New players are also using muscles they haven’t used before and learning new movements. Along with sore muscles, some of the most common injuries are to the elbows and shoulders.

Beat fatigue with Naturopathic Medicine!

There are several possible underlying causes of low energy levels such as: nutritional deficiencies, impaired thyroid function, depression, and adrenal fatigue.

Benefits of massage therapy for children

Massage therapy is not only beneficial for adults, but also for our children as well, as they are often involved in sports and camps all summer, and then prolonged sitting in school throughout the rest of the year. Caught between play, school, sports, and countless demands, children have a good deal of stress. Stress raises blood pressure, lessens the immune defense and can contribute to problems such as childhood obesity. Not to mention carrying those heavy backpacks to and from school!

Chiropractic & pregnancy: chiropractic can help!

During pregnancy, there is an increased strain on a woman’s body due to the excess weight gain and the physical stresses of the baby’s position within the womb. Over 60% of women will experience low back pain during their pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when the baby’s head is pressing against a woman’s back. Chiropractic treatment for low back pain related to pregnancy is a safe and effective alternative to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Chiropractic care has been shown not only help relieve back pain occurring in pregnancy, but may also decrease delivery time and labour pain.

Chiropractic and your golf game

It’s not surprising that professional golfers are turning to chiropractic to help keep their backs in top shape. Whether you’re a pro, or just wish you were, taking good care of your back can help improve your score and ensure a long enjoyable season on the links. Here are some tips to prevent back, shoulder, and neck pain from interfering with your game.

Compartment syndrome and periostitis (a.k.a. shin splints)
Compartment syndrome and periostitis (a.k.a. shin splints)

Both compartment syndrome and periostitis can occur on the front or back of the lower leg, causing pain and tightness. Symptoms increase with exercise and decrease with rest. But, while they can both occur in the same locations and have similar symptoms, they aren’t quite the same.

Core exercises for increased health

When you have good core stability, the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen work in harmony and help to protect your spine. Core exercises are those that strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back, and pelvis.

Demystifying spring detox
Demystifying spring detox

Detoxification is about cleaning your body of all the “junk” that has accumulated over the years. Just as we do spring cleaning for the house, it’s important to do the same for the body. Everybody’s body is unique and so are the clearing rates at which the detoxification organs (skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines, and lymphatic system) remove various toxins that have built up in the body.

Don’t let shoveling become a pain in the back!

Shoveling snow improperly can cause back and neck pain. Improper technique, such as twisting, combined with lifting the three to five kilograms of one shovel of snow can result in serious aches and pain. Here are some tips on how to shovel properly.

Easter weekend holiday hours

Happy Easter weekend! We are closed Friday, but open for chiropractic and massage Saturday and Monday.

Examining the “pro” in probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote good digestive and immune health. Having a vital and well-balanced population of these micro-organisms in our digestive tract is essential for optimal health. Probiotics have several important functions, including synthesizing nutrients such as vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting, aiding in digestion and proper elimination, enhancing immune function, supporting detoxification, and optimizing hormone metabolism.

Foods that detox the body

Cleaning up your diet and incorporating certain foods to aid in the detoxification process are essential to any detox program. Here are some of the top foods to help you detox.

Get in the game without the pain

When you consider the spinal rotation that goes into a golf swing and the fact that the speed of the club can reach 160 km/hour, it’s easy to understand that golf puts significant bio-mechanical stress on the body. Back pain and golfer’s elbow are two very common injuries suffered by golfers.

Healing with Reiki

Often, healing needs to take place on the mental, emotional, and spiritual level before a physical healing is possible. Reiki helps in this process by dislodging the lower and slower energies allowing them to be released; thus restoring the natural flow allowing the body to do what it does so well: heal itself.

How does acupuncture work?

The single most frequently asked question by our patients is: “How does acupuncture work?” There are several modern theories to explain acupuncture’s effectiveness.

How to control food cravings

When our blood sugar levels are imbalanced, we get cravings. Different foods alter our blood sugar levels at different rates. Certain foods can cause our blood sugar levels to spike and subsequently fall, leaving us feeling tired, hungry, and craving carbohydrates and sugary foods. Understanding what causes cravings can help us minimize those cravings.

Hypnosis for fertility

Hypnosis for fertility is a mind and body technique that prepares your mind and body for conception. Studies from around the world show the positive effects of hypnosis on fertility, such as the ability to reduce stress and increase your chances for conception. When we experience stress, our bodies produce Cortisol, which can inhibit the implantation of a fertilized ovum, delay ovulation, and reduce the number and motility of sperm. Hypnosis helps you feel physically and mentally relaxed, so that you can lower your stress levels. According to an Israeli study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin in July of 2004, hypnosis can effectively double the success of IVF treatments.

It takes a village … to heal a hamstring!
It takes a village … to heal a hamstring!

As many of you know, Dr. Carole is training for a triathlon this summer. But, even an experienced chiropractor can sometimes forget her own advice about stretching.

KISS Syndrome in newborns

Many new moms have been bringing in their babies for assessment and have many questions on why their baby favours looking to the one side or may have difficulty nursing on both sides.  Here is one condition that I frequently see in my practice and what we can do to help.

Leaky gut syndrome: my gut is leaking?!?

Do you suffer from low energy? Brain fog? Inability to lose weight? Food sensitivities? Bloating? Gas? If you do, you might have leaky gut syndrome! Leaky gut or “increased intestinal permeability” is a condition affecting the lining of the intestines, creating a dysfunctional environment for proper digestion. This can trigger an immune response that can lead to chronic inflammation in the body and can contribute to joint pain, skin issues, autoimmune diseases, and further digestive concerns.

Lifestyle changes that can reduce male infertility problems

Infertility in Canada affects between 11-15% of couples. When it comes to male infertility, there are numerous possibilities to rule out. Problems can usually be addressed through lifestyle change and supplementation of nutrients and should be the first line therapy for men as they are both the least costly and invasive of treatment interventions.

Lift light, shovel right!

When you consider that a shovelful of snow weighs five to seven pounds, you realize how much weight you have to lift to clear your sidewalk or driveway – on average, several hundred pounds! These tips will help keep your back in top shape.

Lowering your blood pressure the natural way

Your arteries are the pipes that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Your blood pressure indicates how quickly your blood moves through your arteries. Chiropractic care and massage therapy can help keep your blood pressure lower.

Managing migraine headaches

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know how debilitating they can be. When migraines strike, we feel powerless. Days of missed work, nausea, aversion to light and sound. All you can do is curl up in the dark and wait it out. But, there are ways to manage migraines before they begin.

Massage therapy and exercise

We often think of a massage therapy as an unnecessary indulgence; however, in the athletic world, it can be quite the opposite. Many sports massage techniques enhance the body’s own recovery process, improving the athlete’s return to training and competition, and reducing the risk of injury.

Mood and exercise

The new year is a time when people often take stock of life and think of what they can work on in the next year … yes, the New Year’s Resolution! Often, these resolutions include becoming more physically active. Becoming more active is a great goal – years of working in healthcare has shown me your body is meant to move!