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What is the deal with Thyroid Hormone?

The thyroid is the center of your energy and metabolism and is a very important gland in the body. An under functioning thyroid can cause many symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, constipation, low mood, hair loss, dry skin, and much more!

Pre-birth acupuncture

It’s not surprising that women planning a more natural childbirth may choose to take prenatal yoga classes and practice various breathing techniques and visualizations to prepare themselves for their labour both physically and emotionally. Acupuncture is another option that is getting more and more attention.

Weight loss acupuncture: does it work?

Are you struggling to lose weight even after trying diet and exercise plans? Weight loss acupuncture might benefit you! There are several reasons for weight gain that you might not be able to address through diet and exercise alone. Acupuncture can help address the underlying causes so that you can get your weight loss back on track.

Leaky gut syndrome: my gut is leaking?!?

Do you suffer from low energy? Brain fog? Inability to lose weight? Food sensitivities? Bloating? Gas? If you do, you might have leaky gut syndrome! Leaky gut or “increased intestinal permeability” is a condition affecting the lining of the intestines, creating a dysfunctional environment for proper digestion. This can trigger an immune response that can lead to chronic inflammation in the body and can contribute to joint pain, skin issues, autoimmune diseases, and further digestive concerns.

Beat fatigue with Naturopathic Medicine!

There are several possible underlying causes of low energy levels such as: nutritional deficiencies, impaired thyroid function, depression, and adrenal fatigue.

Naturopathic medicine and insomnia

Are you having trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you wake up still feeling tired and unrefreshed? If so, you might be suffering from insomnia! Insomnia is defined as the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and/or waking up early in the morning. It can lead to fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, anxiety, learning disabilities, and depression.

How to control food cravings

When our blood sugar levels are imbalanced, we get cravings. Different foods alter our blood sugar levels at different rates. Certain foods can cause our blood sugar levels to spike and subsequently fall, leaving us feeling tired, hungry, and craving carbohydrates and sugary foods. Understanding what causes cravings can help us minimize those cravings.

Six ways to naturally prevent colds and flu

With the change in weather and beautiful fall colours comes a time that we have grown to dread … cold and flu season! Here are some tips to help support your immune system.

Winter skin stress? Get your glow back!

Cold weather and artificial indoor heat can leave your skin feeling dry and chapped, so be especially kind to your skin during the winter months.

Super foods to keep us looking young

We all wish there was a magical secret to make our skin look younger. What if I told there is a secret to younger looking skin that isn’t so magical? In fact, it’s actually quite simple. It’s super foods and by eating these super foods on a regular basis, you can slow the aging process in your skin.

Examining the “pro” in probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote good digestive and immune health. Having a vital and well-balanced population of these micro-organisms in our digestive tract is essential for optimal health. Probiotics have several important functions, including synthesizing nutrients such as vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting, aiding in digestion and proper elimination, enhancing immune function, supporting detoxification, and optimizing hormone metabolism.

Foods that detox the body

Cleaning up your diet and incorporating certain foods to aid in the detoxification process are essential to any detox program. Here are some of the top foods to help you detox.

Demystifying spring detox

Detoxification is about cleaning your body of all the “junk” that has accumulated over the years. Just as we do spring cleaning for the house, it’s important to do the same for the body. Everybody’s body is unique and so are the clearing rates at which the detoxification organs (skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines, and lymphatic system) remove various toxins that have built up in the body.

Natural ways to improve your fertility

Making a baby seems quite simple. Sperm meets egg, cells divide creating a mini human, wait nine months and voila! Baby is born! For many couples, this is a natural process that takes place without any roadblocks. However, sometimes it doesn’t work out that easily and I’ve seen firsthand how frustrating that can be. There are a number of factors that can contribute to difficulties in conceiving.

Lifestyle changes that can reduce male infertility problems

Infertility in Canada affects between 11-15% of couples. When it comes to male infertility, there are numerous possibilities to rule out. Problems can usually be addressed through lifestyle change and supplementation of nutrients and should be the first line therapy for men as they are both the least costly and invasive of treatment interventions.

Six ways to boost metabolism and weight loss

After all the holiday treats and over eating, we often feel like we could lose a little weight. Here are some ways to help boost your metabolism and kick start your weight loss journey.