Combat the work-from-home ache!

Combat the work-from-home ache!

With COVID-19, working from home became the new normal for many people. And, until we see the end of COVID-19, it’s important to avoid injuries while working through this new normal. Here are tips on how to combat the work from home ache!

Designate a work area in your home. This could be in a defined home office, at the kitchen table, or a space you carve out in a the corner of a room. If you are looking to create a space for yourself in your home, it is a good idea to invest in good office furniture.

  1. Adjustable tables prevent you from having to sit in the same position for multiple hours. You can adjust the height of the table to allow you to sit with good posture and raise it to stand when you want to stretch your legs. The tops of these desks are on a slant to help keep you from slouching and help prevent lower back and neck pain.
  2. Adjustable chairs allow you to change the height and back position and tilt the seat, which supports your back, prevents slouching, and promotes sitting in an ergonomic position.
  3. A keyboard with an area for you to place your wrists can help prevent your fingers from tensing up and can prevent stress on the nerves, muscles, and tendons in your hand and wrist. You will also feel more comfortable while doing your work.

Avoid working in bed. As tempting as it is, working in your bed is not the best idea. It not only ruins your posture, but also increases the risk of joint and back pain. If a bed is your only option, make sure to put a pillow behind you to rest against the headboard and place your laptop on a cushion in your lap.

Alternate between typing/mousing and using voice input. Using voice input for emails and texts is a good way to let your wrists, arms, and hands rest.

Maintain proper posture. Proper posture can prevent ache and reduce strain on the muscles and joints. The ideal posture while preforming sitting or standing tasks includes:

  • Sitting with the back and neck straight
  • Shoulders straight down and loose at the sides
  • Elbows at 90 degrees, wrists straight, sitting back in your chair
  • 90 degrees at the hips and at the knees
  • feet flat on the floor

Take breaks and stretch! Don’t strain and hurt your eyes, back, neck, wrists, or hands. Let them rest! It is recommended to take a 5-10 minute break every 50-60 minutes on the computer. During the breaks, make sure to stretch to increase blood flow, decrease stiff muscles, improve posture, and prevent chronic issues, such as back pain. Even simple stretches, such as the sit and reach, will decrease aching.

Hopefully, with these tips on having ergonomic posture while working at home, you will work pain-free! If at any time you experience any pain or discomfort lasting more than 48 hours, contact one of our chiropractors here at YOUR HEALTH Wellness Center. We are here to help!

Author: Manaal Fahim. Co-op Student.