Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Are habits dragging you down? Discover how the Alexander Technique can help!

People have been using the Alexander Technique for over 100 years to address problems like excess tension, back pain, repetitive strain injuries, and postural issues. It teaches people to move with more ease and support and can also be helpful in managing stress. The Technique is best known in the performing arts but is used increasingly by people from all walks of life to address a wide range of challenges, both physical and psychological.

The American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique created a 90-second video aimed at shedding light on how people develop harmful movement habits and how the Technique can help in rediscovering the ease and mobility we all had as children.

To find out more, check out this fun piece of animation here:

If you’d like to find out more about the Alexander Technique and how it might relate to you, please contact Tanya Bénard, our CANSTAT-Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique.

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