Chiro spring tune up

Chiro spring tune up

As the warm weather returns, so do warm weather activities. We tend to feel more motivated and energized and we some times forget that the long and often less active winter has led to some deconditioning and that can lead to injuries and aches and pains. It’s important to remember to ease back into any activity. Take breaks as needed and allow for proper recovery time between each activity.

This is also the perfect time to be doing all those lovely stretches that your wonderful providers at YHWC have given you over the years. I know you have been doing them daily but if you need a refresher, it is a good idea to book an appointment for a “spring tune up” to see how your body is doing and to go over any stretches or exercises that may need to be added to your routine.

Try to incorporate a few simple stretches into your daily routine. For example, you can try a simple hamstring stretch while brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes or more in the morning and at night. Try doing some other gentle stretches in the morning to get everything moving (i.e. knee to chest, sidelying, etc.) and before bed to help you relax and go to sleep.

Remember to take your microbreaks throughout the day and incorporate some small movement and stretching at your desk, if you work at one, during the day. Don’t forget to stretch after any activities (such as gardening, playing sports or other active pursuits). We always encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and are here to help guide you and help you achieve your healthcare goals.  As always, please consult your chiropractor or healthcare provider before adding any new exercises to ensure they are appropriate for you and your health care needs.

Wishing you a healthy and happy return to the warm weather! As always, Dr. Leann Shrum has your back!