Online consultations now available

Online consultations now available

Although we can offer in-person treatments for emergency situations only, we are pleased that we can now offer our clients online consultations for non-emergency situations. These online consultations are covered under insurance plans as a standard in-person treatment would be.

Online consultations include a video session with your practitioner to help you best describe your situation and to allow your practitioner to demonstrate any at-home exercises.

We are offering online consultations at a reduced fee. For example, a regular adult chiropractic visit, usually charged at $50, will be charged at $25.

Book an online consultation

  1. Log into our online portal at
  2. Click Book an Appointment.
  3. Follow the instructions to select your desired treatment, practitioner, and time.

Attend your online consultation

  1. A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, log into our online portal at
  2. In your account page, click the link to start your online consultation.
  3. Your practitioner will join the online room when your appointment starts.