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It takes a village … to heal a hamstring!
It takes a village … to heal a hamstring!

As many of you know, Dr. Carole is training for a triathlon this summer. But, even an experienced chiropractor can sometimes forget her own advice about stretching.

YOUR HEALTH and tendonitis
YOUR HEALTH and tendonitis

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon. It is an overuse injury, caused by chronic overload of a tendon. At the beginning, you might feel pain only after you are physically active. But, if it progresses far enough, the pain can become constant with even the smallest of your daily activities.

What is Piriformis syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome is caused by the shortening or contraction of the piriformis muscle, which then compresses the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve is compressed, you might feel pain down the back of one thigh into your calf, or even into the sole of your foot. You might also have numbness in your foot.

Prevent the winter blues with massage therapy

Although winter is beautiful, many people experience fatigue and seasonal depression and lose the momentum to invest in their health. Massage therapy can be a great way to help relax, revive, and recharge your body from the stresses of winter.

Sport-specific training and massage therapy

If you’re an athlete training to improve in your sport, you might find that you reach a plateau in your training or performance. To increase your performance and train more effectively, you can combine sport-specific training and massage therapy, specifically fascial release.

The benefits of infant massage

Massage therapy benefits people of all ages – even the littlest among us! And its never too early to start infant massage. Find out more about how infant massage can help infants and caregivers.

Benefits of massage therapy for children

Massage therapy is not only beneficial for adults, but also for our children as well, as they are often involved in sports and camps all summer, and then prolonged sitting in school throughout the rest of the year. Caught between play, school, sports, and countless demands, children have a good deal of stress. Stress raises blood pressure, lessens the immune defense and can contribute to problems such as childhood obesity. Not to mention carrying those heavy backpacks to and from school!

What is a trigger point?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendinitis, angina pectoris, and sciatic symptoms, along with many other pain problems, are often misdiagnosed and are, in fact, trigger point referral pain.

Lowering your blood pressure the natural way

Your arteries are the pipes that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Your blood pressure indicates how quickly your blood moves through your arteries. Chiropractic care and massage therapy can help keep your blood pressure lower.

YOUR HEALTH and delayed onset muscle soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs as a result of predominantly eccentric contractions which may be made worse, especially if you are performing a new exercise. DOMS may be associated with muscle damage but, in many cases, other physiological markers indicating tissue damage are not present. Therefore, any prophylactic or therapeutic interventions alleviating muscle damage or physical discomfort can be considered effective if the concern is DOMS.

YOUR HEALTH and icing tips: Cold Beer and Nachos

Most soft-tissue injuries involve some degree of inflammation. It is important to slow the inflammatory response to prevent further tissue damage and scar tissue development. An easy way to assist your body with the healing process is to apply ice to the area. But how much is enough? How must is too much? A fun acronym – Cold Beer And Nachos – helps clients remember the stages the skin goes through to find the right length of time.

Massage therapy and exercise

We often think of a massage therapy as an unnecessary indulgence; however, in the athletic world, it can be quite the opposite. Many sports massage techniques enhance the body’s own recovery process, improving the athlete’s return to training and competition, and reducing the risk of injury.

YOUR HEALTH and postnatal massage

Postnatal pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to take care of yourself, at a crucial time when all your energy and efforts are centered on caring for your newborn. Postnatal massage re-energizes you as a new mother, supporting the body in regaining its pre-pregnancy condition.

YOUR HEALTH and prenatal massage

There are many joys in pregnancy, but with them come aches and pains. The aches and pains are due to the physiological changes affecting the musculoskeletal system and most of the organ systems. These changes start in the first week and continue throughout the pregnancy and some months after birth.

YOUR HEALTH and massage therapy research

A research study revealed that a ten minute massage can trigger anti-inflammation signals in muscle tissue to help decrease pain in damaged muscles, and also produces an increase in the production of mitochondria cells, which contribute to muscle endurance and play an important role in the healing process.

YOUR HEALTH and massage for cancer treatments

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea in cancer patients. In recent studies, massage therapy has been shown to improve quality of life, decrease anxiety, increase range of motion and function, and improve body image post surgery. Two specific types of massage that can benefit cancer patients are lymphatic drainage massage and scar massage.