COVID Protocols

You must complete a COVID-19 Risk Assessment Questionnaire before each visit. If you answer YES to any of the questions, please stay home and self-isolate. Your appointment can be rescheduled with no cancellation fees. All staff and patients must wear a mask. You can bring your own, or we will have disposable masks available for $1.50 and reusable masks available for $7.00. Mask sales are cash only. All proceeds from mask sales go to support rEcess Oakville.


Whole-Body Approach

Your body is interconnected. Your treatment should be too. We look beyond symptoms to find the cause.



Our range of services gives you access to the best options to meet your specific recovery or health goals.


Personalized for You

We create customized health care programs that integrate physical therapies, education, and support services.

Recent Articles

Combat the work-from-home ache!

With COVID-19, working from home became the new normal for many people. Here are tips on how to combat the work from home ache!

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Avoid the ache, know how to rake!

Fall is arguably the most beautiful season of the year. While working in the yard is an activity that many enjoy, it can cause back pain or other potential injuries if not done carefully.

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What is the deal with Thyroid Hormone?

The thyroid is the center of your energy and metabolism and is a very important gland in the body. An under functioning thyroid can cause many symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, constipation, low mood, hair loss, dry skin, and much more!

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Spasms and massage treatment

A spasm is an involuntary contraction of a voluntary muscle due to stress, injury, or chronic tension. This contraction causes nerve compression and forms a pain → spasm → pain cycle. Stretching and massage at the attachment sites of contracting muscles are often effective strategies for reducing muscle tension.

September 9, 2019 Read More