YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre – January 2019 Clinic Newsletter

YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre – January 2019 Clinic Newsletter

How are you going to make 2019 YOUR HEALTHY year?

We hope that everyone had a happy and healthy holiday!

Whether you’ve made a resolution to exercise more, find the right work-life balance, or make healthier food choices, our therapists are excited to help you meet your healthy resolutions.


One of the most common issues that brings people to therapy is anxiety. For some people, anxiety can increase to a point where it does not feel manageable. If you feel like you do not have control of your worry, psychotherapy (specifically cognitive behavioural therapy) can be helpful and help you regain a sense of control. [Read More]

Six ways to boost your metabolism after the holidays

After all the holiday treats and over eating, I’m sure that we could all use a few tips on how to boost our metabolism. Some, such as avoiding refined grains, might seem obvious, but would you believe that eating more often is one of them? [Read More]

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