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Chiropractic and your golf game

It’s not surprising that professional golfers are turning to chiropractic to help keep their backs in top shape. Whether you’re a pro, or just wish you were, taking good care of your back can help improve your score and ensure a long enjoyable season on the links. Here are some tips to prevent back, shoulder, and neck pain from interfering with your game.

Chiropractic & pregnancy: chiropractic can help!

During pregnancy, there is an increased strain on a woman’s body due to the excess weight gain and the physical stresses of the baby’s position within the womb. Over 60% of women will experience low back pain during their pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when the baby’s head is pressing against a woman’s back. Chiropractic treatment for low back pain related to pregnancy is a safe and effective alternative to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Chiropractic care has been shown not only help relieve back pain occurring in pregnancy, but may also decrease delivery time and labour pain.

Tips for picking a backpack

With back-to-school on the minds of kids and teens everywhere, little thought is given to the backpack – beyond maybe what it looks like! Read on for a little lesson on proper backpack wearing that might save you and your kids a real pain in the neck … and back!

YOUR HEALTH and your jaw: TMJ problems

Temporal Mandiblar Joint (TMJ) Syndrome is a common source of headaches and jaw pain. TMJ refers to the Temporo-Mandibular Joint. This is the area where the lower jaw or mandible attaches to the skull at the temporal bone, just in front of and below the ears. TMJ syndrome can be caused by trauma, grinding or clenching of the teeth, disease, wear due to aging, or other habits, such as chewing gum or objects like pens or pencils.

YOUR HEALTH and tummy time!

According to the Pediatric Society, babies should always sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But, a constant position on their back can lead to cranial disfiguration (flattening of the back of the head). This is why it is so important for babies to receive supervised tummy time to encourage their proper development and growth.

YOUR HEALTH and sport taping

Strapping and taping techniques give support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion, and can also help prevent injury and protect the athlete from re-injury whilst returning to sport. The tape limits the movement in an injured joint to prevent excess or abnormal movement and provides support to muscles surrounding the joint that might be under additional strain due to the ligament injury. Our chiropractors have experience with a variety of different taping techniques for both chronic and acute types of injuries.

YOUR HEALTH and soft tissue therapy

Tissues injured by acute trauma or chronic strain from overuse become tight and stiff. Scar tissue also builds up around these tissues and binds them together, creating pain, inflammation, and reduced mobility. YOUR HEALTH offers several soft tissue therapies to break up scar tissue and improve movement.

YOUR HEALTH and getting active

Exercise can help prevent many common illnesses, strengthens and protects bones and joints, and can keep you independent throughout life. It’s never too late to start exercising, and incorporating aerobic, resistance training, and flexibility exercises can have many advantages. Even if you are able to do small amounts at a time, a little extra activity is better than no activity.

YOUR HEALTH and corticosteroid injections

As health care providers who specialize in muscle and joint pain, chiropractors often have patients ask about receiving musculoskeletal injections to help with their pain. Injections are outside of the scope of practice for chiropractors; however, we encourage patients to get all the information before deciding on their course of care. As injections are offered as a front-line treatment in most medical offices, often before conservative therapies are recommended and despite consideration of the research in this area, we wanted to offer some information for our patients who might have questions.

YOUR HEALTH and breastfeeding issues

During my work as a chiropractor and a Doula, I am often called upon to help new moms with breastfeeding concerns. If the baby has a latching issue, we can work together to figure out the best way to fix the problem. It is often a simple issue of fixing the baby’s or mother’s position. Other times, chiropractic adjustments are the answer. Often, a gentle chiropractic adjustment of the baby can take the pressure off a joint in the baby’s neck and allow her to extend her head back into the position to breastfeed easily.

YOUR HEALTH and workplace ergonomics

As your workload increases, so do repetitive actions such as keyboarding and answering the phone. These routine tasks can add a level of physical stress to the emotional and mental stress of getting the job done. In fact, repetitive strain injuries have skyrocketed in the last two decades due to the increasing reliance on workplace technology. The good news is that a few simple changes to your office set-up can help make your job easier, safer and more efficient.

Why does my neck hurt when I sit at my desk?

Today’s use of computers, and days that are mostly spent crouched over a desk, can leave your neck and upper back tense and sore. The posture we sit in daily creates rounded shoulders and a head constantly stuck out staring at a computer screen. This results in soreness and tightness in the upper back,neck, and pectoral muscles, and a weakness in the mid back muscles and front neck muscles. This syndrome is referred to as Upper Cross Syndrome and is the result of chronic poor posture and not enough attention to the rest of our bodies.