YOUR HEALTH and breastfeeding issues

YOUR HEALTH and breastfeeding issues

During my work as a chiropractor and a Doula, I am often called upon to help new moms with breastfeeding concerns. Sometimes it is as easy a fix as recognizing that there is a bad latch for the baby and then working to find out why the latch is poor and figure out the best way to fix the problem.

Below are listed the signs of a potential bad latch:

  • Baby’s lips rolled in or circle “o” lips, often with dimpling of the cheeks
  • Baby makes clicking, popping, or smacking sounds at the breast
  • Mom reports biting sensation during feed
  • Compression stripe on nipple after feeding
  • Lipstick shape nipple after feeding (beveled)
  • Nipple easily slips out of mouth when baby pauses sucking motion
  • Bleeding or injured nipple after feed
  • Baby is not gaining weight
  • Baby is not satisfied (this one can be tricky, because babies can feed every hour to help your milk come in, or if they are fighting off a cold, or going through a growth spurt so frequent feeds can be totally normal
  • And the number one sign that there is a problem is PAIN!!!

Breastfeeding Pain is not normal. Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt more than just mild tenderness initially. Many mothers who experience pain can also get nipple injury and this can make them want to quit breastfeeding early. If you know someone who is experiencing pain, encourage them to seek help. It is often a simple issue of fixing baby/mommy position, or sometimes even chiropractic adjustments are the answer.

Most people are surprised to learn that babies, some within hours of birth, have their spines checked by a Chiropractor. Once the facts are explained though, most parents see that having their child’s spine checked can be an important part of their healthcare. Birth often causes the first spinal misalignments and cord tension in a child. Plenty of pressure goes on baby’s head and neck during contractions and when the baby passes down through the birth canal| – even with an uncomplicated delivery. A difficult birth, forceps or vacuum extraction, or caesarian birth can increase the stress on a newborns delicate spine. Often, a gentle chiropractic adjustment of the baby can take the pressure off a joint in the baby’s neck and allow her to extend her head back into the position to breastfeed easily.