YOUR HEALTH and tummy time!

YOUR HEALTH and tummy time!

As a chiropractor, I recommend to my patients that their babies spend about 30 minutes a day practicing “tummy time.” Tummy time encourages babies to push up on their hands and arms and leads to the development of strong shoulder, arm, and hand muscles required for strong fine and gross motor skills.

According to the Pediatric Society, babies should always sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But, a constant position on their back can lead to cranial disfiguration (flattening of the back of the head). This is why it is so important for babies to receive supervised tummy time to encourage their proper development and growth. At the Baby Show this year, I came across a product call Tumzee that helped to make my daughter’s tummy time a more pleasant experience.

Made of EVA foam, Tumzee is soft enough for babies to be comfortable when lying on it, yet stiff enough to support their weight. We also use Tumzee in our office to help support infants for their chiropractic adjustments and prone infant massage.

Tumzee helps by:

  • Reducing frustration during tummy time making it a pleasant experience
  • Allowing baby to spend time on his stomach reducing chances of baby rolling over, sliding off, or rolling out of the product
  • Allowing baby to see the surrounding environment and playing with toys
  • Developing neck and back muscles

See Tumzee in action:

As the Oakville distributer of Tumzee, we offer the product for sale in our clinic. For more information or to purchase one, please contact the clinic.