YOUR HEALTH and hypnosis

YOUR HEALTH and hypnosis

We often look for answers outside when the best solutions lie within us. Exploring our inner awareness opens up many new doors. Hypnosis can help us connect with this inner awareness and discover the multiple possibilities that we might not have previously been aware of.

Empower yourself by learning how to connect with this inner powerhouse.

Contrary to how it’s portrayed by the entertainment world, hypnosis is actually a state where you are fully aware and in control. We naturally experience hypnosis several times a day –  just before we fall asleep, as we are waking up, or when we are focused on an interesting book or movie.

This state – where you are hyper-alert – can help you understand why you might automatically respond with anger, react in a particular way to some situations, know you are intelligent and smart but perceive yourselves with insecurities or lack of confidence, or you reach out for food when you are tired, angry or sad. The best part is that when you become aware of the why, the solution comes naturally and you start taking steps towards achieving your desired goal.

Your mind is like an iceberg, a large part of it is waiting to be discovered.

A great way to end your busy work day:

  • Stand with your feet flat on the ground and your eyes gently closed.
  • Take a couple nice deep breaths. As you exhale, imagine the stress and tension of the day leaving your body, like little grey clouds.
  • Now think of yourself as a big, beautiful, strong tree. Feel your spine as the strong tree trunk supporting you, with its roots going down your legs, down the building and its foundation, into the earth. … spreading, going deep to the core of the earth, grounding you.
  • Spend a minute or two, feeling this, imagining this, visualizing this. When you feel ready, take another nice deep breath and open your eyes.