Tania Hynes

Tania Hynes

Reiki Master, Advanced Therapeutic Reflexology Student (Ingham Method)

As a child, I learned early on that I had an intuitive nature. Throughout adulthood, I found many ways to improve and expand my intuition.

The journey started years ago when I experienced some health issues that lead me to question whether there was more to health and prevention than mainstream medicine. Taking my first Reiki class opened up a whole new life perspective and soon became a wonderful way of living for myself and my family.

I achieved my Master Reiki and now fulfill my passion to help others by volunteering my knowledge speaking to different groups about living a healthy lifestyle. This also complements my continuous study as a Holistic Practitioner in Training.

As a Reiki therapist and student of various holistic practices, my goal is to guide those who desire balance and allow acceptance and inner peace.