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Tania Hynes

Tania HynesReiki Master


Tania comes from a successful Accounting background which, although satisfying, left her feeling as if something was still missing. She wondered if there was more she could to to help others. As a child, Tania learned early on that she had an intuitive nature. Throughout adulthood she has found many ways to improve and expand her intuition.

The journey started years ago when Tania experienced some health issues that lead her to question whether there was more to health and prevention than mainstream medicine. Taking her first Reiki class opened up a whole new life perspective and soon became a wonderful way of living for herself and her family.

Tania achieved her Master Reiki and now fulfills her passion to help others by volunteering her knowledge speaking to different groups about living a healthy lifestyle. This also complements her continuous study as a Holistic Practitioner in Training.

As a Reiki therapist and student of various holistic practices, Tania’s goal is to guide those who desire balance, and allow acceptance and inner peace.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients