YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre – July 2018

YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre – July 2018

Hands-on Alexander Technique workshop at YOUR HEALTH

A recent study found the Alexander Technique to be an effective way to reduce neck pain. It’s part of a growing body of research on the Technique which shows that, by teaching people to notice and work with tension patterns as they arise, the Technique helps people to feel better, both physically and psychologically. In short, it fosters more self-awareness and self-care.

Join Tanya Bénard, CANSTAT-certified teacher, for this small, hands-on workshop.  Each participant will receive personalized attention from the instructor, both in movement and floor work.

Monday July 16, 1:00-300 pm
YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre
Cost: $50 + HST

Space is limited to 4 participants, so you must pre-register for the workshop.

For more information, or to register for the workshop, please contact Tanya directly at 416-805-9893 or

Tanya is also available for private lessons at YOUR HEALTH on a weekly basis through the summer. Please inquire for details.

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