YOUR HEALTH Re-opening Procedures

YOUR HEALTH Re-opening Procedures

YOUR HEALTH will begin our re-opening on June 1 with limited office hours for our therapists.

Please note that the price of each treatment has increased by $5.00.

As it’s been a few months since we’ve seen you, Dr. Carole and Dr. Leann will be providing re-assessments for all patients with an initial Telehealth call, followed by an in-clinic assessment.

  1. To schedule your Telehealth appointment, call the clinic at 905-829-0724 or book online.
  2. After your Telehealth call, you can book an in-person visit.
  3. Before arriving at the clinic for your in-person appointment,
  4. To check in for your appointment, when you arrive at the clinic, call the clinic at 905-829-0724 or scan the QR code on the door.

If you aren’t feeling well on the day of your in-person appointment, please call the clinic to reschedule. We are waiving cancellation fees at this time.

All staff and patients must wear a mask. You can bring your own, or we will have disposable masks available for $1.50 and reusable masks available for $7.00. Mask sales are cash only. All proceeds from mask sales go to support rEcess Oakville.