The Alexander Technique as a means of managing health challenges

The Alexander Technique as a means of managing health challenges

If you consider the body as a machine, such as a car, the physiotherapist is like a mechanic ensuring that all your tissues are moving normally, and the Alexander technique teacher is like a driving instructor, teaching you to move more effectively.

Dr. Philip Bull, consultant rheumatologist, Advisor to the Hypermobility Syndromes Association (UK)

Many people think of the Alexander Technique as a way of improving posture, optimizing performance, or managing tension and stress. Certainly, the Technique is known to help with all of those things, but more and more is also known about how it can also help in managing specific health conditions. For example, in this recent article in the Daily Mail, Dr. Philip Bull, rheumatologist, recommends the Alexander Technique as an important part of the management strategy for hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Although hypermobility exists on a spectrum, and in itself is not a disorder, to whatever extent it exists, it can feel like a challenge to live with. Dr. Bull recommends the Alexander Technique as part of a multi-pronged approach to developing core stability and general fitness while addressing musculo-skeletal symptoms.

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