Weronika Sus

Weronika Sus

Weronika Sus Registered Massage Therapist
I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Trillium College in June 2011. Before that, I received a Bachelors degree in Life Sciences from McMaster University. I enjoy working one on-one with clients to determine the best treatment for them through the use of Swedish massage, myofascial techniques, and stretches.

I enjoy providing deep tissue and relaxation massages. I feel strongly that massage therapy is a great method not only to treat acute and chronic conditions, but also as a preventative tool. Massages on a regular basis help keep tissues healthy, which in turn lowers the chance of injuries and pathologies. It also helps to improve sleep, allowing more time in stage IV sleep in which your body regenerates and repairs itself. Massage can also significantly decrease stress and anxiety.

I have also completed additional training in Herbal Thai Stem massage, Hot Stone massage, M2T blade for scar and fascia release, Bamboo Massage, and Acupressure level 1.

Herbal Thai Stem massage is a great way to detoxify as you get a massage. The treatment combines work on Meridian lines, Lomi Lomi, acupressure, lymphatic techniques, and stretches. It is a relaxing massage that has the benefits of a deep tissue treatment. The stems are filled with different herbs to decrease toxins, inflammation, and pain. You can also add the herbal stems to any standard massage treatment, making it a 90-minute treatment.

I specialize in treatments for headaches; back, shoulder, and neck pain and tension; thoracic outlet syndrome; piriformis syndrome (sciatica); plantar fasciitis; postural dysfunction; overuse or repetitive strains; and musculoskeletal injuries. I have worked with many motor vehicle (MVA) clients through all stages of their recovery. I also provide treatments for clients during and after pregnancy.