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YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre – June 2017 Clinic Newsletter

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YOUR HEALTH introduces MediCupping therapy

MediCupping therapy uses glass or plastic cups to create a light suction on the body surface, gently lifting the tissue layers. This produces a sedating effect on the nervous system and allows water absorption and renewed blood flow to dehydrated and undernourished tissue. As this happens, old waste and congestion is eliminated. It also helps pull inflammation and toxins from the body tissue, making it easier for the lymphatic system and skin to eliminate them. Furthermore, it can help to release deep scars and adhesions, fibrous tissue, or fascia that has retained memory from the incident or injury quickly and comfortably.

Vacuum therapies work nicely with the homeostatic mechanisms of the body. These techniques are used safely on children, adults, and elderly persons.

This therapy is great for pain reduction, scar reduction, releasing tight muscles and fascia, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, relaxation and cellulite reduction.

For more information, or to book a MediCupping massage with Weronika, contact the clinic at 905.829.0724 or email

Featured Article: What is Hypnosis and How Can it Help Me?

Hypnosis is a trained technique of conversation that creates a highly relaxed state of deep concentration. There are many misconceptions surrounding hypnosis. Many people believe that people who are hypnotized are asleep or unconscious. In fact, hypnosis creates a mind state where the client is even more focused than ever before! Hypnosis can help clients do something they currently cannot do (such as reduce their stress) or to stop doing something that they currently do (such as smoking). [Read More]

Featured Article: Chiropractic and Your Golf Game

It’s not surprising that professional golfers are turning to chiropractic to help keep their backs in top shape. Here are some tips to prevent back, shoulder, and neck pain from interfering with your game.  [Read More]

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