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Are your kids ready to go back to school?

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The new school year is coming at full force but what’s back to school season without the perfect backpack? Backpacks are a helpful accessory every child needs; however, they can really be a pain in the back. Unevenly or improperly distributed weight can lead to poor posture and even distort the spinal column. This can cause muscle […]

It takes a village … to heal a hamstring!

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As many of you know, Leah and I are training for a triathlon this summer. It’s my first one, and I’m loving the training for it. To train effectively, I do many different workouts throughout the week that are outside of my normal workout routine. Which also means that I need to take extra care […]

Mood and Exercise

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The new year is a time when people often take stock of life and think of what they can work on in the next year … yes, the New Year’s Resolution! Often, these resolutions include becoming more physically active. Becoming more active is a great goal – years of working in healthcare has shown me your […]

Stress: What is it Exactly?

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The truth is that stress is unique and different for each person. There is no one thing that absolutely everyone, in every culture, will agree is stressful. An elevator ride can give someone a 10 on his or her stress scale and another person gives it a 0. So are elevators inherently stressful? Obviously not. Having to […]

Study Shows Better Posture Helps Manage Stress, Increase Self-Esteem and Improve Mood

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As performing artists and others have long suspected, it turns out that good posture impacts on more than just the way you look. According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology (, “posture tends to be associated with more positive mood, more resilience to stress and better self-esteem.”  In the study, 74 participants […]

The Alexander Technique and Injury

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People seek out the Alexander Technique for a wide range of reasons, from managing stress, to addressing postural issues, to skill enhancement, though prevention and recovery from injury is probably one of the most common motivators. While injuries can develop for all kinds of reasons, they are often caused or exacerbated by what happens to […]

The Link between Your Back Health and Backpacks

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Information from With back to school well under way, student’s backpacks are only going to become more filled with homework and assignments. It is important to consider how the weight of a backpack can affect the overall health of your back! Here are some helpful tips to consider when packing and carrying a backpack. Choose […]

Tips for helping to keep your back healthy while working in the garden

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Now that it is gardening season again, here is a reminder of some important things to keep in mind: Having the right tools Ensuring you are keeping well hydrated with the right amount of fluids Alternating between lighter and heavier jobs Lifting materials correctly Taking breaks Having heavier loads shared You should make sure to […]

Tips for preventing back pain and stress during the holidays

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Preparing and shopping for the holidays can not only be stressful but it can also be a big a strain on your back and neck. While shopping for gifts you can end up carrying 15 pounds or more through the mall. Add a handbag to those shopping bags and they can place some significant strain on your back and neck. It’s no wonder your back aches after a long day of shopping. Preparing […]

What is Hypnosis and How Can it Help Me?

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Hypnosis is a trained technique of conversation that creates a highly relaxed state of deep concentration. Hypnosis can be used to maximize skills, such as in sports, or for entertainment. Hypnosis can help clients do something they currently cannot do (such as reduce their stress) or to stop doing something that they currently do (such as […]

Yoga is a life style!

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Yoga has become a part of our way of life here at YOUR HEALTH Wellness Centre. If you are wondering “What is yoga?,” that’s a very good question that I can answer for you. Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and branch of philosophy that’s origin was in India more than 5,000 years […]

YOUR HEALTH and Stretching Tips

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Stretches should be performed both before and after activity. Stretches before activity (either occupational or sport) can be specific to the muscles to be used in the activity. Stretching for general permanent elongation of tissue can be performed after activity when the core body temperature is higher. Remember these tips the next time you need […]

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