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Tanya Bénard

Tanya is a CANSTAT-Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. After attracting many people from Oakville to her practice in Milton, she’s thrilled to be relocating to YOUR HEALTH.

For those of you who may not have heard of the Technique, people have been using it for over 100 years to address problems like back pain, repetitive strain injuries and postural issues, as well as just to learn to move more comfortably. The Technique is best known in the performing arts – Tanya teaches it at the Royal Conservatory, and the Stratford and Shaw Festivals both employ full-time teachers – but it’s getting more attention from people from all walks of life. Check out this Oprah magazine article, “A Dramatic Cure for Back Pain“, on a study that was published in the British Medical Journal, finding the Alexander Technique to be a highly effective and economical approach to low back pain.

If you have any further questions about the Alexander Technique and how it might interact with your interests or concerns, please contact Tanya directly at or 416-805-9893. You can also view more information at

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