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Curt Long

Curt Long Classical Manual Osteopath, Registered Kinesiologist

I acquired my post-graduate Master’s diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Prior to this, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Brock University then worked as a Kinesiologist providing rehabilitation in a Physiotherapy setting. During this time I gained valuable experience in exercise prescription and implementation. Since completing my education in Osteopathy, I have incorporated Osteopathic principles and approaches with my patients, correcting structural imbalances to facilitate the body’s inherent capacity to self-heal and regulate.

I primarily apply holistic manual therapy to bring balance to the body by using gentle movements to correct structural and postural imbalances. The foundation of Osteopathy lays within anatomy and physiology, and the body’s inherent capacity to self-heal and regulate. Through treatment, structural dysfunctions are corrected to improve flexibility and movement of the spine and limbs to relieve obstruction of nerve and blood vessels which may inhibit the body’s ability to heal. I seek the root cause of the problem by treating the body as a whole, including the muscular, skeletal, visceral, neurologic, and vascular systems.

I provide free consultations to individuals who are interested in my services or have questions regarding Osteopathy. If you have any questions about the treatment I provide, please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to working with you!

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients