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Custom Orthotics

The average person takes 8000-10,000 steps a day! That puts a lot of pressure on your feet to carry you throughout the day. Every step you take impacts your body. If your foot is not functioning properly, you may develop symptoms such as pain and discomfort further up your kinetic chain (e.g. your ankle, knee, hip and spine).

There are several common symptoms that may indicate that there is a misalignment of the foot. You may be a candidate for orthotics if:

  • one side of the sole of your shoe wears out faster than the other
  • you frequently sprain your ankle
  • you have chronic heel, knee or lower back pain
  • your shins hurt
  • your toes are not straight
  • your feet point inward or excessively outward when you walk
  • your feet hurt in general

What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are designed to help correct misalignments of the foot, improve posture, and eliminate foot or leg pain. They are either inserted into a shoe, or integrated into the shoe’s design so that they become part of the sole of the shoe. Custom orthotics differ from the inserts you can buy at any store because they are specially made to conform to the unique shape of your foot, and can be created for almost any type of shoe, whether it is flat or high-heeled.

What can orthotics do for you?

Custom made orthotics can play a supportive role in the overall treatment of the symptoms listed above and more importantly, prevent re-occurrences.

Are orthotics covered by my benefit program?

Many insurance policies include coverage for orthotics. Check with you benefits provider to see if orthotics are covered under your plan.

Your feet should not hurt. They are designed to be used, and pain is the body’s way of warning you that something is wrong. If you ignore the pain, the condition causing it could become worse.

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